G O R I L L A . L A T E . N I G H T !

With Paul Costabile
The ONLY late night show from the streets of New York!

Filmed every Monday at 43rd and Broadway - 8PM

Gorilla Classic.

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2010 is the Year of the GORILLA

Hey Fans! Check out one of our favorite episodes of 09'.

Gorilla Late Night Episode 11 with Michael Kaufman and Al Parinello! from GorillaLateNight.com on Vimeo.

Brand New Episodes Coming Soon!


Check out Paul trying to solve the 2010 Glasses Crisis here in this sketch from our friend Adam at www.AdamThinks.com

Writer, director, editor: Adam Sacks

Starring (in speaking order)
Paul Costabile
Dom Manzolillo
Lauren Adams
Kelly Hudson
Benjamin Apple
Adam Bozarth

Producer: Hilda Karadsheh

Camera: Matt Mayer

Lights: Mike Costabile

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from GorillaLateNight!!!

Check out Paul and Patrick spreading that Holiday Cheer and click on our Special below!

Gorilla Late Night Holiday Special! from GorillaLateNight.com on Vimeo.

Episode 12!

Let a little Gorilla into your life and click below for our brand new Episode!

Gorilla Late Night Episode 12 with The Flying Steps! from GorillaLateNight.com on Vimeo.


After a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon I decided to leave Jimmy a little message here, along with a few early Christmas Presents in his Studio.

Vid Message to JIMMY FALLON from GorillaLateNight.com on Vimeo.