G O R I L L A . L A T E . N I G H T !

With Paul Costabile
The ONLY late night show from the streets of New York!

Filmed every Monday at 43rd and Broadway - 8PM


"Gorilla Late Night" made its web-broadcast debut on August 28, 2009, as recent college grad Paul Costabile became the FIRST ever (out of hundreds including Johnny Carson AND Ed Sullivan) to host and produce a late night show from the streets...literally. The show serves as a platform for comedy, music and A-list talent out of the "Right Next to the Police Station in Times Square New York" Studio.

Prior to his web-broadcast premiere, Costabile and fellow graduates were trying to search for full time jobs in the terrible recession market of today. Growing scared of terms like, "resume" and "cover letter", it was decided to go about things the right way - Guerrilla Style. After some thought on where to get extra large pieces of cardboard for a desk and brainstorming the best "play on word" in TV and web history - Gorilla Late Night was born.

Gorilla Late Night releases new episodes once a week here on their website. Some noteworthy appearances include, but aren't limited too: Britney Spears, "Black Shawn" of TV's "Rescue Me," Cecile Monteyne of "Final Destination," Director Ben Weinstein, rapper Tony Yayo, legendary media hoaxer Alan Abel, Miss J of "America's Next Top Model", one of Rev Runs daughters, Pete Caminiti of Tyte Jeans, "Big C" of the Chitlins, Steve Kelner of the band Van Atta High, numerous street cleaners around the Times Square area, hot dog vendors and A LOT of New York City Taxi Cabs...to name a few.

"Gorilla Late Night" is a production of the Gorilla Late Night network (GLN) in association with you if you'd like(get in touch with us). It is filmed every Monday at 43rd and Broadway, New York, NY 10036 in front of an exciting, never-sleeping Times Square audience. If you've read this far you must be interested so please don't hesitate to call Paul at 201.248.9843 or email us at GorillaLateNight@yahoo.com with further questions...

AND PLEASE come see us! Our studio is bigger and more extravagant than any other late night show in the WORLD..TRUST US..your always welcome to come..say hello..and enjoy the greatest city in the world and the ONLY late night show from the streets of it. Eat your heart out Fallon.


Host: Paul Costabile

House Band: Matt Caminiti and the Matty One's

Executive Producer/Creator: Paul Costabile

Producer: Matt Pepe

Director of Photography: Dan Erbeck

Cameramen: Dom Chierico and Mark Fagnano

Audio: Nick DeMonte

Written By: Paul Costabile

Additional Writers: Matt Pepe, Dave Caputo, Bryan Doran, Erin Unanue (L.A.) and Brett Druck

Edited By: Mario and Paul Costabile

Produced by: GorillaLateNight.com

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