G O R I L L A . L A T E . N I G H T !

With Paul Costabile
The ONLY late night show from the streets of New York!

Filmed every Monday at 43rd and Broadway - 8PM

NO Show Tonight

Hey GLN Fans!

Just letting you know there will be NO TAPING tonight 11/23/09. GLN is avoiding some rain and getting ready to celebrate the friendly feast of Indians and Pilgrims this Thursday. We'll be filming our first installment of our December "Merry Month" shows next Monday , November 30th at 8PM at 43rd and Broadway with VERY special guest - brother of legendary late entertainer Andy Kaufman, Michael Kaufman!

Check back soon for new clips and videos to be featured on our site very soon!

Thanks for always tuning in and letting a little Gorilla into your life.

~ Gorilla Man ~


Episode 10 with musical guests - Emergency Service! (Check them out at - www.EmergencyServiceBand.com) AND Paul Crashes the NY Yankees ROWDY Ticker Tape Parade!

Let a little Gorilla into your life and click BELOW.

Gorilla Late Night Episode 10 with Emergency Service! from GorillaLateNight.com on Vimeo.

No Shoot Tonight!

Hey GLN Fans!

Just letting you know that there will be NO TAPING TONIGHT NOVEMBER 16, 2009 BUT there will be a brand new AWESOME episode with the band Emergency Service (EmergencyServiceBand.com) on here later tonight so STAY TUNED!! We'll be back in action NEXT MONDAY Night for the taping of Episode 11!

Thanks for always checking in and letting a little Gorilla into your life.

~Gorilla Late Night Team~

Episode 9!

Brand New Episode 9 of Gorilla Late Night! With Professional Vocal Coach and Singer Chris Keller! AND - Street Magic Like Never Before with a title synonymous to its result......MIND BLOW.

Add a little Gorilla to your life and Click below.

Gorilla Late Night Episode 9 with Pro Vocal Coach/Singer Chris Keller! from GorillaLateNight.com on Vimeo.

Episode 8 with Joe and Joe and a behind the scenes look at Z100!

Special thanks to Garrett, Skeery Jones, TJ the DJ, Loren, David Brody and Elvis Duran at the Z100 Morning Show for letting us crash their studios! Click BELOW to see it!

Gorilla Late Night Episode 8 with the Z100 Morning Show and Joe and Joe from Formatic Clothing! from GorillaLateNight.com on Vimeo.

GLN Fast Money Cameo!

Who's that in the Top Hat doing street Magic in NYC?! It's Paul and the Gorilla Late Night Crew on Fast Money! Look closely in the opening shot (first 7 seconds) where the Fast Money guys caught us doing some mind blowing magic for Episode 9! It's our first national debut! We'll be expecting our check from CNBC soon. Check it out BELOW