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Band Update AND Stay Tuned for Episode 6!

Hey GLN Fans!

First of all we have an OFFICIAL GORILLA LATE NIGHT BAND UPDATE - The Awesome BAND in the credits of Episode 3 was a band by the name of "Julius C". They were running around the city playing all day and we were lucky enough to run into them and jam out. Make sure you check out their website here - www.juliusc.com and go see them in their upcoming NYC show! Sorry for the delay on the update Julius C! We hope to see you soon.

In other news make sure you check back here ASAP for EPISODE 6! Steve Kellner, the lead singer of another awesome band Van Atta High, stopped in for a chat AND we got a sneak peak at a new Broadway Musical show in NYC! Thanks for tuning in!

~Gorilla Late Night Team~


Anonymous said...

When will be online Episode 6?
I can't wait anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

where is the show????

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